Functional Web Development
and Integration

OpenSaas provides hosting, integration and management of Open
Source Software

OpenSaas provides full Software as a Service for Open source software deployments, and can help you design, build, deploy, host and manage your Open Source software deployment.

OpenSaas - Open Source Software as a Service

Opensaas provides businesses with experience and know-how in open source hosting and integration. Whether you are a small business looking to implement a new website, and local retailer looking to expand into e-commerce or a manufacture wanting to improve process with an ERP OpenSaas has the skills to help you choose, implement and manage the solution.


OpenSaas helps you design, market and deliver your product or service that fits your customers needs using Human Centred Design methods


OpenSaas specialises in Open Source Technology and Cloud deployments


OpenSaas uses Agile, Lean and Design Thinking methodologies to deliver projects that fit the need and serve the business on time and within budget

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OpenSaas develops and hosts affordable web based software for your business


OpenSaas uses leading Open Source tools and software where possible to get your project completed at an affordable price

Speed of Change →

OpenSaas utalises tools like Keystone and NextJsto bring your project to life fast

Hosting →

OpenSaas can provide ongoing hosting and management of your software on industry leading cloud providers

Security →

OpenSaas has experience in Industry leading identity and security software including Azure Active Directory and Auth0